Sunday, June 20, 2010

For the Love of Shabby Chic

I have this very large and dark buffet in my living room. I can't help but think it would look more in keeping with my shabby chic theme if I refinished it in a shabby, chippy off white. Karla at says "go for it!" and I respect her opinion. The very bottom photo is my dream room with the white pickled floor. I could be very happy in that room. have a great day...and go do something beautiful.

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  1. Miss "L"
    First of all thank you for stoppig by...Yes a much needed ladder that is o rollers would do well for my wartering job.

    now for the china hutch it is a bit art deco in style and I say really, really go for it. It will transform it ito a perfect cottage piece that you are looking for!!!

    I wish I were there to help you, I am great at wood stained make overs. :)