Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Something Good

I don't know why.....but this little video makes me smile. I guess it's because I just like dogs. They are so loveable and seem to enjoy life to the fullest.

Have a wonderful day !!!!


Monday, September 19, 2011

Rest in Peace My Little Friend

I went out early Sunday morning to retrive my garage sale sign from the main road. Several hours later I looked out the front door and saw a small humming bird on the ground near the goldfish pond. He let me gently pick him up. Acording to the web.....he was in distress and would probably die, but I could provide him with a place to rest and necter to drink. If he did not respond and rally within an hour, he would not survive.
I checked on him an hour later and found him laying in the small container I had lined with a paper towel for his comfort. He was a male and was probably too old to make the flight to Mexico. I feel very sad but am glad I was able to make his last few moments stress free. I have buried him in the back garden.

Rest in Peace my little Friend.


Friday, September 16, 2011

For The Love Of "Pluto"

I have been busy this week with the upcoming garage sale and painting a picture for my ex husband of his beloved dog "Pluto". Pluto had to go across the rainbow bridge last week. I know from experience that losing an animal is as hard as losing a child.

It's raining down here is South Texas today. God Bless the rain....the grass, trees, flowers and all are grateful. However the entertainment unit I dragged out of the house and had a neighbor take out to the street is soaked. I was really praying that someone will come by and pick it up.

Have a Great Day !


Monday, September 12, 2011

Sometimes I Feel So Special

Drinking nectar from my hummingbird feeders was the most colorful little bird I have ever seen. My daughter says it's a Baltimore Oriole and sure enough my little bird in the photo looks like an oriole. I saw both a male and a female. The male was driving off the hummers so he and his mate could drink from the feeder.

I think they are on their way to Mexico for the winter. As soon as the weather turns cooler...all my hummers and the little orioles will depart for the warmer desert of Mexico.

God speed.....My little friends.


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Some of My Favorite Things

'These are a few of my favorite things...' by Exaltation

Victorian bridal lace cuff. ...


Under the apple tree canopy ...


Big Bird cage in wire----- G...


E. T. Pot - Raku-fired, UF...


Dream Catcher Handmade Boho ...


White Lilac Eggplant Wrapped...


bookmobile-Botany for Garden...


Cuppa Tea Necklace


Custom Notebook Paper Cross ...


made to order - all in whit...


Coffee Mug Tea Cup Cozy So B...


Make Voyages - 14 x 11 paper...


SALE - Gorgeous Linen Butter...


ON HOLD FOR talethadance Gol...


Tub Caddy made of Reclaimed ...




Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Sweet New Treasury

'What's in Nookie Thompson's future?' by Beverly3

Major Arcana 22 Handmade Tar...


Red, Purple, Blue, 1920'...


Old Gangster with Machine Gu...


Sandalwood Gangster Soap - G...


Behind The Mask - Louise Bro...


DECO RING no.10-Pumpkin Oran...


Vintage Cross Stitch Magazin...




Art Deco Femme Copper Pedant...


iPad/iPad2 "Book Style&...


SALE dark red poppies neckla...


ART DECO vintage postcard BE...


Bridal Secret II 5x7 Note Ca...


Flapper pocket mirror // 2.2...


Garnet and Windowpane Deco C...


Set of 20 Vintage Images of ...


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Monday, September 5, 2011

New Vintage Tintype Necklaces

I have been hard at work finishing these vintage tintype necklaces. I will add them to my etsy store as soon as possible.

I also have several ebay auction working and I am gathering things together for a garage sale.

I will have to post the garage sale on craigslist as soon as I am ready.

It is a cool 80 degrees today in South Texas with a nice cool breeze off the ocean. I have flung open all windows and doors to give the house a good airing out.

Hummingbirds are at the feeders and all is right with the world.

Have a great day !


Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Most Perfect Bedroom

Above is a photo of the most perfect bedroom......alas I have a less than perfect bedroom ( pictured below )

The dream bedroom only exists in a world that no one lives in or heaven forbid has animals as companions.

My bedroom functions as a den at night. Two dogs sleep on the bed with me, and the three others sleep around the bed in almost the same spots night after night.

My radio which is always on at night casts a soft green led light making it easy for me to see if I have to get up during the night.

My latest great thrift store find is the bedspread. Absolutely perfect and only $3.50

The pastel over the bed is a portrait of my second husband when he was a teenager.

Have a great day living in the real world.