Monday, September 19, 2011

Rest in Peace My Little Friend

I went out early Sunday morning to retrive my garage sale sign from the main road. Several hours later I looked out the front door and saw a small humming bird on the ground near the goldfish pond. He let me gently pick him up. Acording to the web.....he was in distress and would probably die, but I could provide him with a place to rest and necter to drink. If he did not respond and rally within an hour, he would not survive.
I checked on him an hour later and found him laying in the small container I had lined with a paper towel for his comfort. He was a male and was probably too old to make the flight to Mexico. I feel very sad but am glad I was able to make his last few moments stress free. I have buried him in the back garden.

Rest in Peace my little Friend.


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