Friday, March 18, 2011

He Was Lost But Found His Way Back Home !!

Night before last, I did a stupid thing. My cat Kelly was afraid to go outside because there was men on a neighbors roof replacing the shingles. Kelly is very afraid of men. So instead of putting him out in the back yard....I put him out the front door. Much to my sadness he was not at the back door in the morning.

I spent many hours walking and driving around our neighborhood looking for Kelly. Some children saw him crossing the street....some other children saw him hiding under a silver car half way down the block.

At sunset, I went out again and called his name over and over again. When I came home, Kelly had come home and entered the house through the open back door. He just looked at me and walked to his food dish as though nothing had happened.

He was lost but he found his way back home and I am joyful.

Have a wonderful day!


UPDATE...Kelly has come home and disappeared again. I guess spring is in the air and he is seeking the company of other cats in the neighborhood. He has been altered so he probably won't be getting in fights. I can only hope for the best.

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