Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Sweet Spider Lily Suprise

I am blessed with dear neighbors all around me. My next door neighbor is Kathy. Kathy's mom live just up the block.....I can see her house from here. One day several years ago, I drove past the back of Kathy's mom's house and saw a " Free To A Good Home " box lying by the street. My daughter screamed "STOP" and we quickly stopped and scooped up the box and brought it home.

The box was filled with bulbs. The plants had long slim leaves like a sword with a bulb sprouting roots out the bottom. We planted them and generally just left them alone.

This year I took special notice of the flowers and wondered what the were. Thanks to google, I found that they are spider lilly's. They come in different colors but all mine are white.

I think I'll take some to Dara's house, since I am going up to San Antonio this month for a few days.

Have a wonderful day !


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