Friday, February 15, 2013

A Sharp Yank On My Chain

It happens very once in a while. I was talking with my daughter, and mentioned I might buy some new tee shirts. Remarkable...she said why ??? When you come to visit, you always wear the same thing.

Had I fallen into a rut ???

I decided to dress the way I did when I first came to TEXAS. I call it Cowgirl Chic. I have laid out an outfit to wear the next time I go out. A cream color cotton skirt.....long denim blouse.....Leather and conch belt...loads of turquoise jewelry with either my boots or new sandels ( just painted my toenails )

I here by make a promise.......I will take more care when I go out to look nice...polished...finished. No longer will a tee shirt and jeans do.

Thanks for the "Jerk" darling daughter.

Have a great day !!


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