Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pepto and the I.B.S. Miracle

After suffering for months with I.B.S. I found myself scouring the Internet for a miracle. Apparently Pepto is a treatment for I.B.S. In desperation I tried it and my I.B.S. was stopped dead in its tracks.

My Doctors appointment is tomorrow and hopefully I will have a solid diagnosis.
After all the pills, all the antibiotics, all the prescription powders ( that have to be mixed with juice and consumed over a three hour period ) all the B.R.A.T. diet and probiotic pills etc., etc. the only thing that helped was an old over the counter pink medicine.
At last I feel safe enough to be able to leave the house for several hours. I no longer have to worry about " a incident " ( not being able to get to a bathroom quickly enough.)
Hopefully 2011 will be a year of my comeback. I feel myself getting better and stronger every day and with the blessings of God perhaps my "perky" will return.

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