Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I'm Dreaming of a Pastel Christmas

Just did a google photo search for shabby Christmas trees and snagged these beautiful photos. I even ran across a alum Christmas tree with the exploding pom poms on the ends just like mine for $379.00. I did not use that tree this year but opted for the smaller table top trees.

At this point in time I am thinking of just calling all my children and telling them, I am just skipping Christmas this year. I feel like the joy of the season has been sucked right out of the marrow of my bones.

I miss my dear husband Jim and I miss my dear puppy Tuffy. I am sure Jim was waiting for Tuffy at the rainbow bridge.

Jim has such beautiful blue eyes. They sparkled with enjoyment. He was happiest when he was surrounded by those who loved him. The shih-tzu's loved him dearly. He was always gentle with them and lavished much love and treats on them.

anyway..............I am feeling a little worn out and sad this year. Not depressed.......but I just feel like being by myself.

Have a peaceful and blessed day


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