Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The " Dinoboard "

I took an old game board and with acrylic paint, transformed it into a dinosaur habitat. My sweet little grandson Kyle called to thank me for the "dinoboard." I love the fact that he thought of a word that described my artistic endeavor.

I remember as a child I had a fascination with dinosaur's and would have played with a dinoboard like this for hours.

One of my favorite Godzilla vs King Kong movies and a vintage 3d book with new 3d glasses rounded out the package I sent to Kyle.

Christmas got pushed back to January this year because of my grief over losing my beloved " Tuffy".

I am feeling a little better day by day. I know "Tuffy" had a good life and I enjoyed his company so very much. He was my "little man ", bossing me around with his bark.....demanding his treats up to the very last day of his life.

Have a wonderful day!


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