Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Coming Up For Air.................

The weather is getting warmer so I have decided to stop working so hard and just take a few days off.

I have repainted both the computer room and the spare bedroom a lovely shade called "Mature Spanish Chestnut" with a bright creamy white on the doors and trim.

Remixed the kitchen , living room and master bedroom paint , in small cans, for touch ups...and repainted all three doors in the master bedroom with that lovely creamy white as well as the trim in the master bathroom..

In the midst of all this painting , Dara requested a painting of a peacock feather for a girlfriends birthday present.

Guess you could say if I was not painting.....I was resting from painting.

We are expecting good weather into the weekend so I think I'll just putter around in the yard. I have some tomatoes already planted.

Have a great day !!! Laraine

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