Friday, August 27, 2010

Grumpy Free Image

I have used my photo editing program to enhance this black and white vintage photo with a light touch of color. Her expression reflects my feeling today. I am fighting a battle against the bugs that is totally creeping me out. My neighbor has two large palm trees that are roach motels. Apparently they (the very large roaches ) are looking for water because the are invading my home. I did not notice them since they were in a spare bathroom that I seldom use. I called the exterminator and have been told it will take 8 to 10 days for them to ingest all the poison, then I should stop seeing them both dead or alive. I am freaking out....I actually jumped when one of my dogs brushed against my leg. So.....I am grumpy today and probably will be for the next 8 to 10 days. have a great day.......Now go make something beautiful.


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  2. Burlap Luxe said...
    Oooooh! my! Are they those big black brownish ones they are like you thumb size. They also love to make there homes under patios and foundation of homes where it is damp and moist,

    Do you guys have septic tanks in your area where the homes are on septic and not city sewage, this mant times is a big problem as well. You can also put out this roach powder an they feed on it go back to there nest and feed the army, gone. They will be gone and winter will give you a break. Just make sure you feed them well and they will die. We had a problem with them on a rental of ours, when I went to fix it up I would freak out. I keep the bait out here at my place because I have had some here as well.

    You are in my prayers sweetie, I really cannot tell you how much I hate them as well.
    I will make sure I keep one extra board ready just incase you want to hang a sanctuary sign when your home becomes your sanctuary again :0

    Hey the spary is going to work by morning they are paralized in that spray, they belly up kicking there little legs.

    I sooo! feel for you, big blessings to you and your home.
    Your home is safe in his hands.

  3. Bugs give me the willies! But we live in an old farm house and get seasonal bugs. This month, it is crickets. Last month SPIDERS. In April, we get beetles that look like roaches. I call the exterminator when I see those because I can't stand the thought of living with roaches. He assures me that they are not the dirty, kitchen kind, they are the kind that live in wood. Sounds like that is what you have too. They won't get into your food or your kitchen, its not as bad as it seems.

    Good luck!