Friday, August 20, 2010

Sweet Little Vintage Jewelery Box

Take one little cheep jewelery box made in china bought for 25 cents at my local thrift shop. Carefully paint undercoat in a soft grey green color that I just love. When dry...using a dry bush loaded with a little cream paint and over paint. When dry ....sand lightly to give it an aged look. Saved from the junk pile a very adorable little jewelery box that I will probably lose when my daughter comes for a visit and falls in love with it. Have a great make something beautiful.


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  2. Laraine
    Thank you so Much Laraine...You know when I see those great colors out there with all you bloggers I say Wow!!! I really need some color :)
    Your on your way girl one piece at a time, and it all falls together in your own style.

    I also have French pieces in the raw form like driftwood tones and finishes, I love the milky gray-ish tones as well mixed into my style.

    Stay intouch I want to hear and see your next piece and what direction your headed in :)