Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tuffy has a Criminal Record......A Rap Sheet

Just when you think your life is going along hit a bump in the road.

I had some left over breaded and fried chicken, much like chicken nuggets. I thought I would give all the dogs a treat and feed them the leftovers. Of course "Tuffy" is my favorite so I gave him the biggest piece. He wolfed it down and it got stuck in his throat....he was choking.

I had no time to even think. I carried him to the bathroom....put him on the sink...and proceeded to put my fingers down his throat. It took two tries but I was able to pull the meat out. MY right hand got pretty chewed up because the poor little guy was just trying to shut his mouth and breath.

The following morning I took a closer look at my hand and my first finger. I had deep puncture wounds that looked red and infected. A quick check on the Internet informed me how many germs a dogs mouth carries so I decided I should take a trip to the local emergency room. I had a Doctors appointment on Wednesday, but did not want to wait that long.

Much to my surprise, a dog bite, no matter what the reason has to be reported to animal control.

So......The end result "Tuffy" has a rap sheet with animal control.

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