Saturday, April 28, 2012

Waiting For The Fall Season

It is no secret that my favorite character in "The Walking Dead" is Daryl. His character was not in the original script but when he auditioned, the producers and writers saw his potential and added him as a character.
This goes to prove once again, the part does not make the actor....It is the actor that makes the part.
Funny thing about netflix....they had the first season of "Spartacus, blood and sand" and now it's gone. I would like to watch that again also. Not much else is going on in my little cottage. I am waiting to see a specialist to find out what is going on with the pain in my shoulders. I had an MRI and xrays done on Thursday.............I had to come home and take a pain pill and lay down after the nurses manipulated my shoulders in order to xray them.
Have a wonderful spring day!! Laraine

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