Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I am positive that my mothers younger sister was a hoarder. Her house was full of animals and assorted junk. Some of the newspapers were from before I was born. There was just a small path on order to get from room to room. Keeping that in mind, I have tried to not hang on to things that have no value.
About a year ago last Easter, I purchased a cute little rabbit statue for 25 cents at the local thrift shop. Well it broke when I unpacked the bag when I got home because I forgot about it being there. It's been a year that I had that poor little rabbit head sitting on my workbench. Last week, I started assembling things I thought would look good when put together in a fantasy assemblage.
The body is an old H.E.B. pepper shaker.....the legs are from a vintage puppet and the arms are from a bisque doll and the poor little bunny head has found a home
Have a Wonderful Productive Day !!

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