Thursday, May 10, 2012

Still in a White Wash Frame of Mind

I am still in a white washed frame of mind so today I have just posted some pictures taken from some of my favorite artists and designers blogs.
I went to Corpus Christi and had the second shot of cortisone, this time to my right shoulder. I think the doctor used a little more in this injection because my arm and hand hurt during the night, so today I'll be taking it easy. I truly am thankful for the wonders of modern medicine. Without it, I would be just an old crippled lady unable to raise my hands over my head. The pain was truly annoying and unrelenting. Sorry to say, that after two months of pain pills, I may very well be addicted. I tried to not take any pain pills yesterday but at around 11:00am I got that electric shock feeling behind my eyes. I broke the pill in half and did not need to take the other half untill after midnight when I could not relax and go to sleep.
My dear next door neighbors are opening a brick and mortor shop where they will sell chocolate covered decorated fruit. I got the call to help with the signage. I'm thinking over the door sign.....not so much......the sign is a freaking billboard and I'm pretty sure they want human looking fruit with smiling faces and dancing feet. God help me....the sign is so big. I told them I would draw the sign but might not be able to paint it because I need to give my shoulders a rest.
Have a Great Day !

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