Thursday, September 9, 2010

Some Pictures of My Little Shih-Tzu "Sport"

I realized after my long post of yesterday that I had not included any photos of the dog in question. His name is "Sport". He was found wearing his coat long and a top knot on his head. The top knot was so tight the flesh had been pulled up in the elastic band.
The fur under his arms was so matted he could hardly walk. I spent hours with him laying in my lap on his back while I carefully cut the mats out.
He had been owned by a hairdresser who left him home all day. When she came home she beat him bacause he made pee pee on the floor. Even now, when I call him he sometimes comes to me with his head down walking very slowly, as though he is expecting a beating.
He is afraid of the broom and will leave the room when I sweep the floor. He is so very tiny. He probably weigs no more than ten pounds, but his heart is full of love for me.
His name is "Sport" and he is worth more than the $150.00 I paid for him so long ago.
Have a great make something beautiful.

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