Wednesday, September 8, 2010

We Caught A Little Of Hermine Here In South Texas

My grass and garden are happily singing. We caught a little rain from Tropical Storm Hermine. Boy....didn't Hermine pop up quickly. One day it's sunny and hot, hot, hot and the next day it's pouring rain and wind and hot, hot, hot.
I have two dogs that sleep on my bed with me (TJ and Sport) and the other three (Tuffy Tibadeaux and Teddy ) sleep on their beds on the floor. Teddy will some time sleep in my closet...way in the back under my clothes.
Little Sport ( one of the dogs on the bed ) is very afraid of loud noises. I awoke to little Sport shivering like mad trying to hide behind my head. He was inconsolable for hours. As I am typing this post he is asleep at my feet.
Sport was a rescue that I brought home back when Jim was alive. I found Sport in a metal cage with no food or water in a fly by night pet shop. The owner said she wanted $150.00 checks. I left the shop and went immediately to the bank and the rest is history.
Have a beautiful kind to those who love you....and go make something beautiful!

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