Sunday, October 3, 2010

HBO "Carnivale" -Opening Sequence

It was 2003 and HBO had just presented a new show called "Carnivale". I vaguely remember watching the first few shows and gradually loosing interest. The opening sequence with the Tarot cards kept playing on the loop in my head. I started to research tarot cards, hungry to absorb as much knowledge as possible. Slowly an idea formed in my mind. The tarot card reader in the series seemed to be using hand made cards.....I could do that!!
The cards above are the very first Tarot cards I ever made. Most of my decks are purchased by collectors in Europe, however this very first deck was purchased by a dot com company called the Tarot Garden.


  1. They are so cool and pretty!

  2. I loved Carnivale it was a great show. I watched every episode.

  3. These cards are so beautiful. Are they available any more? The site mentioned isn't coming up.