Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Hobbit House

Several weeks ago, I saw "hobbit trailer" on my dogpile home page as a google item. Happily I thought of a very small trailer that I could pull behind my truck and go camping on the beach. NO........It was a trailer for a new Lord of the Rings Hobbit movie. Disappointment.........

I did a little searching around and came upon this website.

Apparently this young handyman man over in England has built a true hobbit house. It's really cute but does not have many of the amenities we take for granted. I admire his creativity and most of all, I admire his wife, who seems to be leading a true homesteader's wife existence. I don't think these people would ever consider disposable diapers or paper plates and napkins.

They are starting work on a new house that also is in harmony with the land. I think you will find their site interesting.

Have a wonderful day!


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